Physical Development

Physical Development is one of the prime areas of learning from birth to 5 years of age.

There are two main aspects:

  • Health and self-care

  • Listening and attention

For babies we focus on the way they begin to control their bodies, roll and move, crawl and then walk round the furniture, hold and explore objects with their mouth, respond to and thrive on warm, sensitive, physical contact, attempt to use a spoon and to try finger food.

For toddlers we focus on the way they run squat and climb successfully, show control in turning the pages of a book and hold a writing tool, feed themselves competently with a spoon and drink without spilling, communicate their need for a toilet, help with dressing and begin to be independent in their self-care. 

For pre-school children we focus on how they experiment with different ways of moving, show increasing control and negotiate space successfully, handle tools and begin to form recognisable letters, eat healthy food, and understand healthy practice and the need for safety.