"Overall the quality of the provision is outstanding."


"The quality of teaching is outstanding. Most impressive is the way an element of fun is incorporated into group sessions. Children respond to this extremely well. For example, pre-school children develop their own band when playing with instruments and laugh at the songs and rhymes they sing. Children make excellent progress because the activity is so enjoyable. By the end of the session they demonstrate how to play their instruments fast, slow, quiet and loud. The time taken for adult-led activities is managed exceptionally well. Children do not become bored by activities going on for too long. At other times, such as when playing with the water or sand outside, children are given the opportunity to work at something at length. They develop stamina in their learning and retain concentration for long periods in relation to their age."

Ofsted inspection report February 2016


"Smarties Private Day Nursery is highly effective in promoting successful outcomes for children. Excellent planning systems ensure that all children make rapid progress towards the early learning goals, given their starting points and capabilities. All children and families are valued in this welcoming setting. Staff use their knowledge and expertise exceptionally well to ensure that all children benefit from the exciting range of activities. Consistent self-evaluation methods have a significant impact on the high quality of care provided, with all staff, children and families contributing to ideas for continuous improvement. As a result, children thrive in a vibrant, caring and stimulating environment."

Ofsted Inspection Report November 2011

If you would like to read either of the full reports please go to www.ofsted.gov.uk